Vue Food & Popcorn Prices in 2023 — Movie Food Prices (2023)

Vue is one of the most popular and largest cinema chains in the UK. Their candy bar is stocked with tasty popcorn, drinks, and plenty of other snacks for you to choose from. Find out how much it all costs here.

Here are the latest Vue food prices:

Menu ItemPrice


Kids Popcorn£2.60
Small Popcorn£5.60
Regular Popcorn£6.00
Large Popcorn£6.50


Walkers Max Strong£3.39
Jacob's Cracker Crisps£3.39
Deli Crisps£3.39

Hot Food

Nachos (regular)£5.90
Nachos (large)£6.40


Chocolate Pouch£3.99
Sweet Bag£3.89
Candy Floss£4.79


Tango Ice Blast (regular)£3.79
Tango Ice Blast (large)£4.29
Soft Drink (small)£2.99
Soft Drink (regular)£3.59
Soft Drink (large)£3.99


Coffee & Nibbles (12oz hot drink and McVities Nibbles)£5.99
Kids Combo (12oz soft drink or water, popcorn, small candy)£3.49
Snack It (reg. milkshake or 22oz soft drink, popcorn, small candy)£4.99
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  • Can You BYO Food?
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Menu photos

Here are some photos of Vue’s popcorn and snacks menu:

Is Vue Food Expensive?

Food, popcorn, and drinks have always been quite a bit more expensive than the grocery store because it’s the way movie theatres make the largest portion of their profits.

Generally, the margin on tickets sales themselves isn’t very high, as the movie studios take a big portion of the total ticket sales for themselves. As such, many theatres around the world, have maintained a high price for their food to keep their profits steady.

Zack Akai, a movie theatre employee, had the following to say on the subject:

The concessions are the price they are because enough of you people pay for them. Don’t whine that the medium popcorn costs $8 and then proceed to buy two of them. If enough of you stopped paying for overpriced concessions items, the theater chains would be forced to lower prices. But until you do, they’ll just keep going up.

They are a business after all – they need to make money some way.

If Vue wasn’t selling any popcorn, no drinks were being poured, and no hotdogs were being eaten because of the high prices, they’d be forced to reduce them. But people still pay them, so Vue has no incentive to lower the cost.

On top of that, they’re not the only chain in the UK with high candy bar prices. Just check out one of their largest competitors candy bar menu, the Odeon food prices.

In essence – Vue’s food prices are as high as they are because people still pay them. It’s that simple. Of course, you could always work the system like this guy:

Can You BYO Food?

Fantastic news! If you’ve had enough of the high popcorn prices, Vue allows you to take in food from outside stores. The only condition is that the food isn’t hot and if it’s a beverage, it must be non-alcoholic.

They’ve confirmed you can bring in outside food on both Twitter and Facebook. Here’s a screenshot from their Facebook account:

Vue Food & Popcorn Prices in 2023 — Movie Food Prices (1)

So go forth! Stopover at Aldi or Tesco beforehand, stock up on some candy, sweets, and drinks, and walk on into Vue without buying their popcorn if that’s what you want to do.

Are There Any Vue Popcorn Deals?

Unfortunately, it looks like legitimate Vue popcorn deals are hard to come by. There are plenty of regular deals for tickets and such, but none for any of their food. Sorry!

Vue Food & Popcorn Prices in 2023 — Movie Food Prices (2)

However, you could go a step further and try and get some popcorn for free.

Vue currently has a 5-10 minute survey for any of their previous customers. If you fill it out and buy a drink the next time you watch a movie with them, you’ll get a free popcorn as well 🙂 Not bad!

Click here to head to their feedback page and start the survey.

Popular Food at Vue Cinemas

Despite the complaints of the high prices from many of those voicing their opinions online, their popcorn is still the most popular item on their menu. It’s been a traditional movie theatre snack for the past 100 years after it became popularised due to its cheap cost during the Great Depression.

Vue Food & Popcorn Prices in 2023 — Movie Food Prices (3)

Today, the snack has spread all across the world, with cinema chains in every corner of the globe serving up the buttery goodness to patrons. And they’ve all spent a lot of time perfecting the art of popping the perfect popcorn and flavouring it in more ways than one.

Still think the Vue popcorn prices are too high to justify? The Cineworld food prices are quite similar so don’t take it all out on Vue just yet.

Now to some, popcorn maybe a little dry on its own, which is why soft drinks are the next go-to for movie-goers. At Vue in particular, theTango Ice Blastsis an absolute fan favourite. It’s light, it’s smooth, it’s frothy, and it’s delicious. What more could you want?

Vue Popcorn Nutritional Information

Food and popcorn at Vue may taste delicious, but it comes at a high-calorie cost. One of their small popcorns (46oz) comes in at 233 calories. Go two sizes up to a large popcorn, and you’ll consume 767 calories along with your movie.

There’s a reason why movie popcorn should be a treat you enjoy every once in a while – it’s not really that good for you. That’s the same for many of their other snacks as well.

Here’s a list of some of their popular food and the calories in it:

Menu ItemCalories
Small Popcorn233
Regular Popcorn583
Large Popcorn767
Regular Nachos (Cheese & Peppers)428
Large Nachos (Cheese & Peppers)729
Regular Yankee Hotdog480
Large Yankee Hotdog590
Regular Brooklyn Hotdog532
Large Brooklyn Hotdog642

Click here to download the full nutritional information.

As you can see, a lot of their food comes with quite a high-calorie count. It’s always good to know what you’re eating.

Wondering whether anything on their menu is vegan? Here’s a list of a few of the vegan certified food items on their menu:

Menu ItemVegan

Sorry to say – but their popcorn is the only thing Vue has that’s officially vegan! But the good news is you’re more than welcome to bring in your own food 🙂

Click here to download the full allergen information.

About Vue

Vue is one of the youngest, but still one of the largest, cinema chains in the UK. Only because they were formally SBC International Cinemas. It all changed when Warner Village Cinemasbought SBC in 2003 and decided a rebrand was in order. And so, Vue was introduced not only to the UK market, but also to customers in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, and a number of other European countries.

One of Vue’s classic promotional videos they aired:

As of 2020, Vue is showing movies across all of its 1,989 cinema screens, at more than 220 locations around the world. Recently, Vue sold for £935 million in one of the biggest cinema chain deals in history. It was sold to OMERS Private Equity and Alberta Investment Management.

Vue is yet to introduce a subscription-style membership for customers where they can pay a single price and see a certain amount of movies each month. It’s only a matter of time before Vue jump on board as well.


All in all, yes, now that you’ve found out how much the Vue popcorn costs, you may be a bit more inclined to say no next time you head in. It’ll be tough though as the smell of fresh popcorn is a hard temptation to resist.

With Vue openly allowing all customers to bring in food (nothing hot or alcoholic), why not bring in your own snacks to enjoy at the movies?

If you have any more questions about the Vue food prices, leave a comment in the box below.

Enjoy your movie!

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Can you take your own snacks into Vue? ›

It is generally not allowed to bring your own food into a Vue Cinema.

How much does popcorn cost at the movies? ›

Moviegoers pay the highest premium for popcorn. At most major movie theaters, you're looking at around $8 for a medium-sized bag of buttered popcorn — nearly the price of the average movie ticket ($9). At 11 cups, the average medium-sized movie popcorn goes for $0.73/cup.

Can you take your own snacks to the cinema? ›

Can I bring in my own food and drink? Cineworld have a strict NO HOT FOOD OR ALCOHOL policy. We reserve the right to refuse customers entry into the screens with hot food or alcohol bought outside the premises. All our cinemas display the necessary signage, advising customers of this policy.

How do I get free popcorn at Vue cinema? ›

Fill out a survey for free popcorn

Share your cinema experience with Vue and they'll reward you with free popcorn for your next visit. Surveys take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Do I have to wear a mask at Vue Cinema? ›

Face masks must be worn in all Vue venues in the Republic of Ireland for customers aged 9 and over, unless exempt, or eating and drinking.

Can I pay cash at Vue cinema? ›

We encourage card payment where possible but we understand not everyone is able, or wishes, to pay via card. Each cinema has at least one till able to accept cash.

What is the healthiest thing to eat at the movies? ›

Healthy Movie Theater Snacks
  • Popcorn. Popcorn is the staple movie snack, so we feel that this list should include this. ...
  • Dark Chocolate. For those who have the sweet tooth, look for dark chocolate instead. ...
  • Soft Pretzel. ...
  • Nuts or Trail Mix.
Jun 15, 2017

What is the healthiest cinema snack? ›

Grapes, strawberries, melon fingers and satsuma segments all make gorgeously grabbable film accompaniments. And Healthy Extra 'b' choice dried apricots or Hi-fi bars are perfect for a sweet treat during the film, as these healthy snacks help keep slimmers nicely in their Food Optimising groove.

Can you bring a blanket to the movies? ›

Yep — most theaters have no problem with guests bringing blankets or even pillows and such into the theater. As long as it doesn't get in the way of other guests, you're fine.

Does Vue do free refills? ›

Treat yourself to a free refill when you buy popcorn at the Scene bar. This is full blown big screen experience delivered at its very best.

Can you take your own popcorn into the cinema? ›

For years, smuggling food and drink into cinemas has felt like a crime, but no more. Our wildest dreams have come true, and it has finally been confirmed that, yes, you can officially bring your own snacks to watch films in public places.

What age is senior at Vue cinema? ›

The Seniors Club at Vue is exclusively for those aged 60 or over.

How much is a small bag of popcorn at the movies? ›

On average, a small popcorn at the movie theater costs between $6.09 and $7.09, according to Movie Theater Prices. A medium costs anywhere from $7.10 to $8.09 and a large ranges from $8.10 to $9.09.

What is the cheapest day to go to the theater? ›

Score Small Combos for $5 on Tuesdays

Complete your Discount Tuesday with a small fountain drink or ICEE® and a small popcorn for just $5+tax. Treat yourself or the whole family.

Why is popcorn so expensive at movies? ›

Cinema halls rely on concession stand earnings for their revenue since a significant chunk of the box office earnings are shared with studios or distributors. Another reason for the high markup on products like popcorn is that F&B is secondary spending for most customers. The primary spending is still ticket buys.

Does Vue cinema have air conditioning? ›

Each features modern stadium seating, state-of-the-art projection and AV technologies to create outstanding cinematic experience for its customers. Precise heating, ventilation and air-conditioning fulfil a central role in delivering a comfortable and enjoyable environment.

Can you wear a costume mask to a movie theater? ›

Please note that masks, hats, helmets that cover the face, and face painting are not allowed within the theatre or auditoriums.

Can I change my Vue cinema tickets? ›

Tickets are not refundable or exchangeable under Vue's terms and conditions. However, if you wish to amend a booking please attend the venue for your reservation and a Vue staff member will assist you to swap your tickets to an alternative published screening.

Is it cheaper to buy Vue tickets online? ›

You're in the right place. Tickets are always cheaper when you buy online at this venue.

What day is super day at Vue? ›

Be aware that Vue runs Super Mondays , where you can claim a code that gets you a Monday ticket for £3.99-£5.49 - it might be better value to go on a Monday and take advantage of this offer instead. Check our Cinema MoneySaving tips & tricks for more big-screen savings.

Is it cheaper to buy cinema tickets online? ›

Yes. It's always cheaper to book your ticket online for a film at your chosen cinema, than waiting to buy your ticket when you arrive. The only exception is for certain discount offers of vouchers which make it cheaper to buy tickets in cinema.

What is the number 1 healthiest dish in the world? ›

So, having scoured the full list of applicants, we have crowned kale as the number 1 healthiest food out there. Kale has the widest range of benefits, with the fewest drawbacks when stacked up against its competitors.

Do actors eat real food in movies? ›

Production companies rely heavily on restaurant supply companies to give their kitchen and dining rooms a realistic look. Actors eat real food in the scenes, but they're not swallowing every bite. Since multiple takes are required to get the scene just right, actors spit the food into a bucket between takes.

What is the best snack to eat while watching a movie? ›

If you're looking for a healthier movie snack, fruit is the perfect option. Packed with vitamins and minerals, fruit is both delicious and nutritious. A fresh fruit salad is a delightful way to brighten up your movie snack selection with something sweet, while maintaining a balanced diet.

What is the unhealthiest snack in the world? ›

The Unhealthiest Snacks On the Planet
  • Lay's Potato Chips, Barbecue.
  • Ruffles Original.
  • Lay's Potato Chips, Classic.
  • Pringles Sour Cream & Onion.
  • Herr's Ketchup Flavored Potato Chips.
  • Pringles Cheddar Cheese.
  • Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream.
  • Herr's Salt & Vinegar.
Jun 17, 2021

What is the healthiest snack to eat everyday? ›

Tips for Healthy Snacking
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Frozen fruit.
  • Fruits canned in water or their own juice.
  • Whole grain bread, crackers and cereals.
  • Lower fat yogurt.
  • Lower fat cheese.
  • Unsalted nuts and seeds and their butters.
  • Hummus.
Mar 1, 2021

Do they check backpacks in movie theaters? ›

Backpacks and handbags are subject to search at the door. Bags larger than a backpack are not permitted. No more than one bag, per person, allowed.

Can you bring water to the movies? ›

No outside food or drink is permitted in the theatre.

Can you wear jeans to the movies? ›

You can pair a classic t-shirt or button down shirt with a pair of jeans for a laid-back movie date. Instead of squeezing into those uncomfortable, yet fashionable jeans, go for a pair you can comfortably sit in for several hours. Try dark denim for a more refined look, and leave the jeans with holes at home.

Is it okay to bring your own food to the cinema? ›

It is not illegal to bring snacks to the theater. It is however, against their policy, and you agree to this policy whenever you buy a ticket (read the fine print). If you violate this policy, they will ask you to leave. If you refuse to leave, they will call the cops.

Is it legal to take food into a cinema? ›

Customers are not permitted to bring hot food or alcohol into Cineworld cinemas. Customers can be refused entry if they try to sneak booze or hot food into screens. However, cold snacks and soft drinks are allowed. On its website, Cineworld states: "Cineworld have a strict NO HOT FOOD OR ALCOHOL policy.

Can I bring my own snack to AMC? ›

While some theaters request no outside food be brought in, AMC Entertainment Inc., one of the country's largest movie chains, has an outright ban. People who ignore the rule can be asked to leave.

Can I bring my water bottle to the movies? ›

No outside food or drink is permitted in the theatre.

What happens if you bring snacks to a movie theater? ›

For years, smuggling food and drink into cinemas has felt like a crime, but no more. Our wildest dreams have come true, and it has finally been confirmed that, yes, you can officially bring your own snacks to watch films in public places.

Should I sneak snacks into the movie theater? ›

Of course, there's another reason to think twice before sneaking food into the movies: It's against the rules. Breeiking those rules can have severe consequences too. Some theaters will kick you out if they catch you. Worse, you could be banned from ever coming back.

Why is outside food not allowed in Theatres? ›

The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that cinema halls are private property and hence the owners are entitled to draw up their own terms and conditions when it comes to sale of food and beverages. The owners can also prohibit the entry of outside food, the court stated.

Can AMC check your bags? ›

Each passenger may check two pieces of luggage up to 70 pounds and 62 linear (length+width+height) inches each. Motorized assistance equipment may not exceed 100 pounds in weight. Luggage allowances may be combined per family, e.g. 4 checked items are allowed for a 2-passenger family (Pooling baggage).

Does AMC have free refills? ›

Savings to Savor Every Time

Enjoy a FREE refill on every large popcorn you purchase. Plus, at AMC CLASSIC® theatres, your second annual popcorn bucket refill is always FREE.

Can you get free popcorn if you own AMC stock? ›

Enjoy core benefits perks like a FREE large popcorn refill every time you visit, Discount Tuesdays and a $5 reward for every 5,000 points you earn. Upgrade to AMC Stubs Premiere or A-List for more. Questions? The answer may be in our FAQs.


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