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The shorts have been illegally lending out your shares without your permission, rehypothecating them to other market makers over and over again to clear off their FTD positions.

Market makers are allowed to 'repledge' (ie, re-lend), shares given to them for collateral purposes, allowing them to be leant to another market maker, then another, over and over again, to satisfy each MM's FTD positions along the way.

This way a very small group/basket of shares can be used to continually reset FTD numbers. As evidenced by the video shown.

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Inspired by Graham Stephan, Meet Kevin, Andrei Jikh, Stock Moe, My Financial Friend, Kenan Grace, Trey Trades, Matt Kohrs, the Masked Investor, Lou vs Wall Street and more.

#AMC #AMCStock #ShortSqueeze


Today, I want to talk about how the shorts are illegally lending out your AMC shares and using them to cover off their ftds and they're even admitting to it publicly, and they do it because they know the SEC is severely underfunded and paid off and therefore won't do anything about these shares being re-hypothecated over and over and over again so stay tuned.

And let's make some money now that I've straight in with the key information, so Travis tweet is saying so that you can receive stocks that were given to them as collateral and re-pledge those stocks to other market makers.

Who can then re-pledge them to another Market maker over and over and over again meaning to reload out those stocks they received as collateral from borrowers to make Securities lending transactions to short sellers or to cover off their ftds from page 13 of Virtues 10q.

It says the company is permitted to sell or re-pledge stocks received as collateral and also use those stocks to enter stock lending transactions or to deliver these stocks to counterparty ease all clearing organizations to cover short positions or ftds, so they can sell or re-pledge stocks received as collateral and, obviously by re-pledging to another Market maker as collateral that second Market maker can then re-pledge again and again and again.

This is effectively how they use a very small basket of available stocks to continue satisfying their FTD implications and to continue clicking the can over and over again and I, also want to show you this video in a little while that gives a real life example of exactly how that happens and exactly what that looks like, but Travis also tweeted, saying virtue also enters various transactions involving derivatives, just like swaps and these instruments, or these derivatives are used to conduct trading activities and Futures and forward contracts provide for delayed delivery of the underlying instruments.

This is obviously how they can continue, taking out more short positions with swaps and with forward contracts and effectively delay the borrowing or delay the delivery of those real shares.

Now this is a video of a man buying every single share available in a company over a hundred percent of the flow, but the stock was still trading 50 million times the very next day, with zero shares available in March 2005, the Senate Banking Committee.

Confronted then SEC, chairman William Donaldson, with a story about Frank de Brooke's company, the nevada-based real estate holding company Global links, an investor named Robert Simpson had set out to prove that small companies were indeed frequent targets of abusive naked short sellers Simpson placed an order for five thousand dollars worth of stock in global links that got Simpson ownership of all 1.1 million Global Link shares in the market, not some of them all of them.

There were no shares available to be borrowed, and yet, in two days there were over 50 million shares traded, that's clearly something that needs needs.


I was absolutely blown away when I bought 100 1 million.

Two hundred and eighty two thousand and fifty shares which equated to 111 percent of the issued in outstanding, so this car purchased 1.2 million shares, which was a hundred and twelve percent of the available float.

But somehow, still two days later, over 50 million shares were traded.

They should have theoretically been zero shares available or even negative, a hundred thousand shares available, but the float was still somehow traded around 50 times its size in just two days.

That obviously goes to show that, with all the synthetic shares created, they must have literally been a pool of say one or two available shares that were traded back and forth 50 million times, and these shares were obviously used over and over and over again to satisfy those closeout requirements and to close out of those ftds guys with me.

You can currently get a guaranteed free share of Tesla or of Google and a 100 cash award, which you could always use to buy more shares of AMC, GameStop or ape.

All you have to do is sign up to me using the link in the description below and make a qualifying deposit.

If you just want that 100 cash reward and five free stocks, all you need to do is deposit one hundred dollars.

If you want more free stocks and a guaranteed free share of Tesla or of Google just make the required qualifying deposit, and it's funny that still to this day, big mainstream media Outlets, like Forbes, try to claim it.

Synthetic shorting does not exist.

Unusual Wells, tweeted saying this is a real article from Forbes describing that naked Short Selling isn't really a thing when, literally on the 12th of June, the SEC charged investment advisor, Savvy, Management LLC and its managing partner, Hal D mince with fraud in connection with naked short set.

This isn't just something that happened back in 2005 and was never heard of again.

It still happens to this very day, even as far as just two weeks ago, and the reason why it still happens is because we're effectively being openly robbed in stock market, because the SEC does absolutely nothing to combat synthetic short setting.

Walk Street Apes, tweeted single, being openly robbed in the stock market, head of the SEC Gary Gensler, said: I think that the American public kind of gets it that the system is not fully working for them.

Gensler admits he can do nothing to fix the system because Congress is lobbied by large financial institutions and Jon Stewart from the problem said.

The Apes exposed something really interesting, a crowd-sourced a way of rooting out corruption.

Now this was obviously brought to light by us, the Apes and also Jon Stewart on its podcast and is now being properly investigated and exposed by James, O'keefe I think the shorts are currently getting more and more scared of the exposure that we have brought to the subject, and they know that it's all going to come out and come crashing down.

That's why they're trying to increase the amount of thud articles trying to dispel synthetic shorting as a myth, but obviously the SEC is working against the mainstream media.

Now exposing synthetic shorting through see- and it seems the shorts- are becoming even more scared, because timing is everything.

Spence tweet is saying: Adam Aaron is about to pay out bondholders or pay off the old bondholders, who are most likely sure, AMC and he said I believe some massive Legacy AMC short covering it's inbound.

It's likely the July 2023 AMC callable bonds will be paid off at the exact same time as this massive Legacy short covering, and obviously, if we do see this massive Legacy short covering.

That is basically words for seeing an Ames short squeeze.

So it'll be very interesting to see if these callable bonds do end up being a potential Catalyst or the Catalyst for the AMC squeeze and Mr David NEOS basically said if we do see that squeeze it's likely to look something very similar to this chart for the Berkshire Hathaway stock back in the early 90s Berkshire Hathaway was trading for around 290 dollars per share, obviously over the many years that then increased significantly to around half a million dollars per share.

Now, obviously, the bottom frame C was significantly lower than 290 dollars per share.

But all that really means to me is that AMC definitely has potential to see at least five thousand to ten thousand dollars per share.

If you divide 290 dollars by a hundred, you get 2.90, which is around AMC's bottom or lowest price.

If you divide half a million by that same 100, you get five thousand four hundred dollars per share and I personally think that seeing amcf five thousand dollars per share would be a plenty satisfactory.

Squeeze price for myself.

I too, have also been building up AMC shares over the last two years and whereas before I may have needed, fifty thousand dollars per share to achieve my squeeze, Target I could now say that five thousand dollars would be satisfactory again.

Some of you may be holding for higher than five thousand dollars some may be holding for lower.

Obviously, every individual squeeze Target is yours to decide, and no one should persuade you as to what your time Ace, but seeing stocks at half a million dollars per share just goes to show that an AMC squeeze is absolutely reasonable and attainable, especially because as big and just tweeted.

Many of these short sellers, like Doug sifu, seem to be scared of a live stream with Biggers but they're perfectly happy to run off to known shills like Al from Boston and others and live stream all day long.

Why does Doug sifu seem to be happy to live stream without from Boston and that girl, Amy Trader, but not want to do a live stream with Biggums? And it's because out from Boston and Amy are also paid off short Sellers as well, so guys be sure to.

Let me know what you think down in the comments below and, as always guys be sure to ding that notification Bell, because that way you'll be alerted when I put a new video cheers.


Will AMC short squeeze 2023? ›

Estimates suggest that some $662 million worth of short interest in AMC is currently at stake. Since the beginning of 2023, short sellers have seen about $159 million in market-to-market losses. Much of these losses can be explained by an increase in short interest in AMC.

How high can AMC stock go if short squeeze? ›

At these numbers, every shareholder (even late buyers) will be in profit. Having reached $72 per share, it's fair to say $100-$200 per share is a fair short squeeze potential when you exclude the existence of synthetics. Some may agree, others will certainly differ.

How many shares of AMC are shorted? ›

Share Statistics
Avg Vol (3 month) 318.34M
Float 8516.31M
% Held by Insiders 10.45%
% Held by Institutions 125.70%
Shares Short (Jun 15, 2023) 4122.09M
7 more rows

How much is AMC shorted right now? ›

AMC Short Interest Data (2023)

AMC's short interest is currently at 24.26%.

How long will a short squeeze last? ›

In general, short squeezes tend to last somewhere between several days and several months. There is no real “typical” length for a short squeeze, as each one is unique.

Will AMC reach $100? ›

Whilst $100 per share is much more realistic, it's still a long way from the current share price for AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: AMC). It would still require a big deal or takeover. At the moment, the long forecast for AMC is nowhere near $1000 per share and even $100 would be extremely optimistic.

What will trigger AMC short squeeze? ›

If AMCs stock price doesn't tank, and quickly, shorts will have their margins devoured by fees. Any upward momentum can pressure shorts to close out their positions, driving the share price further up and triggering a short squeeze.

How much will AMC go up to? ›

In 2024, many market watchers predict that AMC stock will be worth between $1 and $6. Private retail investors, many of whom aided AMC's significant gain in 2021, are more optimistic, with some projecting a $40 share price.

Who shorted AMC the most? ›

The fund with the largest short position in AMC is Ellington Management Group (EMG Holdings L.P.) with $28 million worth of net short positions in the stock. Ellington began shorting the stock in August 2021 when AMC's share price first pulled back from the initial highs from the meme stock rally.

Is AMC positioned well for 2023? ›

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. is in a good position, boosted by trends in movie going and the result of this week's key shareholder vote, according to Wedbush Securities equity research analyst Alicia Reese.

What will AMC stock price be in 2023? ›

AMC Stock Price Forecast 2023-2024

AMC price started in 2023 at $4.07. Today, AMC traded at $4.41, so the price increased by 8% from the beginning of the year. The forecasted AMC price at the end of 2023 is $5.40 - and the year to year change +33%. The rise from today to year-end: +22%.

Will AMC survive 2023? ›

AMC remains challenging due to immense working capital deficits, high-interest costs, and chronically negative operating income. Without even more equity dilutions, AMC will likely face a liquidity crisis in 2023.

What is the prediction for AMC stock? ›

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (NYSE:AMC)

The 6 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc have a median target of 1.83, with a high estimate of 4.50 and a low estimate of 0.50. The median estimate represents a -56.55% decrease from the last price of 4.20.


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